Getting Started

This documentation is for an older version of ignition.

For newer use

Ignition is the starter theme that could. Like other starter themes, it’s bare bones, and doesn’t come bloated with a million dropdowns and libraries. Making a custom WordPress site has never been easier.

Unlike other starter themes though, ignition includes features that would take you a while to make on your own. Features that are common and found on most sites these days.

Need a fancy menu with dropdowns? Ignition has you covered. Need a dashboard like menu on the side? Again covered. Need a sidebar that slides in and out. No problem. you can set when it slides out or in with simple data attributes and create as many menus as you want.

The documentation section of this site might look very different from the front home page, but almost no special coding was required! It was actually quite simple. Ignition makes the most common layouts found today easily attainable.

Ignition took care of all the hard parts so you could focus on making an amazing website using html, and css. So give ignition a try!

If your just starting out with Ignition we recommend at least reading through the get started sections of the documentation as well as the functions and the WP customizer pages.

Downloading Ignition

To start, you can download ignition on this site from the front page, or here.

You can also download it from the GitHub page here:

Downloading From Github

If you download it from Github, you will have to manually search and change the theme name/slug across the files. you’ll need to search and replace certain strings. The changes are as follows:

  • @package Ignition ->  ‘@package Your Theme’
  • ignition- -> ‘your_theme_slug-‘ (include the hyphen at the end when searching and changing)
  • ‘ignition’ -> ‘your_theme_slug’ (include the single quotes)

Add the theme to WordPress

Place the theme inside the theme directory. Activate the theme via the WP Admin under appearances. Your all set to begin using ignition!

This documentation will take you through using the starter theme in order of what you probably will do first. So follow it along and you should be ready to use ignition in no time.