Ignition comes with two sections on both sides of the site. They are hidden when empty. These two panels were created because they allow for so many different layouts for sites.

You can use them to create a dashboard-like experience, or just have them for when the site goes mobile. By default the main menu goes into the left panel, and if there is a sidebar, it goes into the right panel. the panels are at the top and can be found in header.php

Opening the panels

The panels can be opened by buttons. The buttons appear when there is something found in the panels. The buttons can be found in header.php and footer.php

Moving things into the panel

You can add stuff manually into the panels by simply adding to those elements in the header.php file, or you can have things move into the panel when the site reaches a certain size in width.

The main menu is set by default to move into the panel on the left by using the javascript moveto event. You can use this event on your own items to move them to and from the panels.

Loading with the panel open

If you want the panel to start open without the need of the panel buttons, just add the class “stay-open” to the panel you want to remain open. On this documentation, the right panel starts open by using this class. If you removed this class it would dissapear and you would need to press the button to open it.

On mobile, the “stay-open” class is ignored.