You can add your logo via the WP Customizer. Your logo can even be an svg! Your svg logo will be added inline so you can style it with css and add hover effects and whatnot.

How To Add Your Logo

In the WP Customizer, click site identity, then click to upload your logo.
When adding your logo, just press skip cropping. You can add a jpg, png, or svg.

Showing your logo

Your logo is set to show up automatically at the top of the site, as well as on the wp-login page, where it has been set to link back to the home page. You can style your logo within your sass files in global/site-top.scss as wells as the login-style.scss for the login page.

Logo Function

If you would like to show your logo in the template files you can use the following function:

echo ign_logo();

This function will output your logo in a link that points to the front page. If the logo is an svg,  it will be output inline. It will also surround it with an h1 tag if it’s the front page, otherwise, it will use a p tag.