Post Type Archives

This option is pretty cool. WordPress does not currently have a way for end users to edit or touch their archive pages. If they have a post type called “portfolio”, they can change the portfolio items, but the actual archive-portfolio is created in php with no way to edit it from the back end.

Sometimes clients want a way to control the output on an archive page. For instance they might want to change the header, or output a section before the archive cards are output. Right now WordPress does not have any way to do this.

Ignition provides a very cool way to use a page as an archive page. You can choose a page and set it as the archive for a post type. When you go visit that archive page, the acf sections from that page will show up. 

This means clients can edit archive page headers, sections, add content and control the archive like any other page!

How to use

Once in the customizer, head over to post type archives. Here you can choose a post type and select a page to represent that post type. 

Showing the loop of archive items

When you use a page for an archive page, you may wonder how to output the list of cards for that archive. One of the sections that come with ignition’s acf fields will output the cards. Just add the archive list section and you will see your cards!