Theme Options

In the customizer, you can click theme options. Most of these settings affect the top of your site. Below are the different settings explained.

Use the customizer?

If this is set to no, all the customization below will be ignored. You can then take control of your site top area by opening the header.php file and doing whatever you would like. Otherwise by default, ignition will output your logo and menu in the site-top container.

Contain site-top items

The logo and menu are output at the top and can be contained in a class “container”. This container is part of the grid system and is centered with a max-width. If it’s set to full width, the logo and menu will stretch to the edge of the site-top. This setting basically outputs the class “container” or outputs “container-fluid”.

Logo Position

You can easily choose certain layouts for the top. From left, to right, to centered to no logo at all. Ignition makes this part easy without having to deal with a lot of CSS. Check out the different options to find the one thats right for your site. Under the hood, this option is just adding a class to the site-top container which in turn lets the menu know what position to use. It also will check to see if a logo should be output at all.

Enable App-Like Menu

When the site becomes mobile, the panel-left can be pulled in. You can make it do this in a very app-like way, which is kind of cool. Try it out and choose what works best for the site.

This option just adds or removes a class app-menu to the body. That small change will change the way the menu comes in on mobile. Just a simple class causes a major layout change.

Menu Icon / Panel Left Icon

The icon for the left panel. The left panel can be used to hold anything, but because it’s also used to show the mobile menu on small devices, it’s also referred to as the menu icon. This icon comes in a few flavors. check them out! They are made of pure CSS and can be styled easily in site-top.scss.